What is cpct in maths ?

What is CPCT in maths

C.P.C.T implies Congruent Parts of Congruent Triangles.

What is CPCT in maths
What is CPCT in maths

What is cpct in maths?

This implies that at least two triangles are harmonious, then, at that point, their comparing points as a whole and sides are compatible also. Comparing portions of harmonious triangles or cpct in maths is utilized to indicate the connection between the sides and the points of two consistent triangles.

Assuming there are two triangles that are harmonious to one another by any of the accompanying guidelines of congruency, then, at that point, their relating sides, as well as points, should be equivalent to one another.

  • SSS (Side-Side-Side)
  • SAS (Side-Angle-Side)
  • ASA or AAS (Angle-Side-Angle)
  • RHS (Right point Hypotenuse-Side)

Allow us to take a model if two triangles ΔABC ≅ ΔDEF, by any of the previously mentioned congruency rules, then, at that point

Congruent Parts of ΔABC and Δ DEF:

  • Corresponding Vertices: A and D, B and E, C and F
  • Corresponding Sides: AB and PQ, BC and QR, AC and PR
  • Corresponding Angles: ∠A and ∠D ∠ B and ∠E, ∠C and ∠F


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