TIPS for a Successful Attempt For SLET, GATE, JAM, etc.

TIPS for a Successful Attempt For SLET, GATE, JAM, etc.

1. Read Carefully: Make it a habit of always reading the instructions on the front page carefully. Also, before attempting the questions, always read and understand the directions given to attempt a question so that scope for blunders is reduced.

2. Solve The Easy Questions First: Try to bifurcate the questions according to the difficulty level. Always try and attempt the easy questions first as this saves a lot of time. Time management plays a vital part in achieving success.

3. Strike Off The Wrong Options: Try to strike off the wrong options. The options which cannot be the answer even the slightest bit and for which you are cent percent sure should be separated from the probable answer so that you are able to concentrate on the remaining options and hence you find out the answer easily.

4. Don’t Waste Excessive Time On One Question: If you are not able to strike off the wrong options and are unsure of the correct answer then don’t waste excessive time as doing so, will lead to a decrease in remaining time and hence other question will suffer.

5. Use Scribble Pad: You can use the scribble pad provided for rough work. You can jot down the points, ideas, etc so that the least number of mistakes are made while framing the final answer.

6. Try To Attempt The Leftover Questions Once More: After completing all the questions go back to the leftover questions and try to give them a shot and solve it once more.

7. Keep A Time Check: During the examination does keep an eye on the time. Try to save time so that you are left with some time to attempt the leftover questions. Try to finish the exam early so that you are left with some amount of time to revise the whole paper once.

8. Use The Option Of Mark For Review: The answer will be considered in the evaluation if an answer is entered for a question that is marked for review.

9. Use Virtual Numerical Keypad: Although, there is no negative marking for numerical answer type questions, enter a number as your answer if you are sure about that because these types of questions contain a particular numerical value.

I hope this article ‘TIPS for a Successful Attempt For SLET, GATE, JAM, etc.’ will help you to get a good score in the respective exam.

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