Reasons Why Students Hate Mathematics Badly

Reasons Why Students Hate Mathematics Badly

Maths, which is normally alluded to like maths, is from the Greek word learning, study, and information. The significant themes thought under arithmetic incorporate change, space, construction, and amount (numbers).

Reasons Why Students Hate Mathematics Badly
Reasons Why Students Hate Mathematics Badly

Maths is a vital subject as it is an essential material in the regular day-to-day existence of each person. Individuals including kids between the age of thirteen to twenty-one and their folks need to routinely make estimations about how to complete their regular assignments.

8 Reasons Why Students Hate Mathematics Badly

Mathematics begins from taking a gander at that point and attempting to anticipate how long you need to complete what you are doing and get to different spots you need to go to or things you need to do. Going through cash likewise suggests realizing the amount to pay and how much equilibrium to anticipate. These are anyway the most straightforward occurrences as more unpredictable sums are applied to basically every part of our lives. A few understudies anyway disdain arithmetic because of these reasons talked about beneath.


#1. Lack of Relatability

Many of the kids, who loved it at the starting of their schooling, but started disliking maths after high school. This happens because of the unreliability of the subject. The students learn formulae and theorem, but don’t know how to use them in real life. For a topic like differential geometry, you must have a sense of visualization.


#2. Off Details Notes

Students dislike the subject more when they introduced to algebra. In algebra we have to find an unknown entity, this makes students say “I hate maths.” In school, we learned about the formulae of a plus b whole square, but we haven’t told how this has been found.


#3. Theorem Proofs

In the growing up students, who like maths but they have to prove some theorem’s stated by a great mathematician. This takes too much time, and we’ve they to take a long path to prove for such an obvious thing. The graduation life is so spent on this, that the brilliant students also pissed off from the course called maths.


#4.Relation With Teacher

This bonding is very special, maths cannot be enjoyed with lack of good guide. A good teacher or professor can shape a student in the right direction. You can understand a maths or physics teacher not only need to entertain the class, but also have to able to make them visualize a vector field.


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#5.Switching Languages

This problem is seen in many Asian students, where they like the subject when they are studying in their mother tongue. But when they were teaching the English language, they feel like an alien to this field. The terms and definitions sometimes make a different meaning when you switch a language. The percentage of students who hate math in the Philippines is very high, unlike in India or Japan. Mathematics is known as the most hated subject in the Philippines, the students are suffering from “I hate maths.”



Many students lose marks on the subject because of the weird symbols used in maths. Symbols like epsilon and delta create an undisputed field between the student and mathematics. The greek and Latin symbols make a hurdle for the applied maths students.


#7.Being Conceptual

The student of the course always told to be clear on the concepts they are studying, but sometimes they feel easier to remember them. But later on, they find it difficult to cope up.


#8. Love From Other Subjects

People compliment science, but they found arts subjects cooler. In a subject like Pol. Science and English, you just have to show your views and be creative. But in maths, you have to go through a procedure to get a result, which is right or wrong. But in arts subjects, the result of the problem not matters. It’s just a view of someone and can be baseless for the other.


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