About Us

Hello, Welcome to MATH DART (www.mathdart.com). Math Dart is a blog about my 5 years of experience in the field of Mathematics. MATH DART brings you the solutions or answers to the problems you faced while studying the subject “Mathematics”.

Maths is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. But there are topics that we need to learn for day-to-day life. Maths is need for everyone at this time, You need maths for game development or to solve a crime. Math Dart is here to discuss all these things.

In childhood, we often asked ourselves that, where they use these in practical life.  Math Dart will let you have fun with mathematics. And learn high-level maths topics like graph theory, abstract algebra, and many more with their practical use in the universe.

Here is what you will find on this website:

  • Basics and Advance of Applied and Pure Mathematics.
  • Solutions of Competetive Exam relate to Maths and Aptitude
  • Maths Seminars, Innovation, and Case Study.
  • Updates on upcoming Exams and several scopes.

Contact: mathdartwebsite@gmail.com